Mercy, Love, and Joy Fund for Children

ML&J Christmas & School Supplies in July


This on-going mission provides help for families in need of assistance by providing school supplies in July and Christmas gifts in December and spreads the Mercy Love, and Joy to Jasper County Families.

ML & J partners with the local school system to make sure that our children in need have everything they need to start the school year.

Show Mercy with Love and receive Joy

The Facts of ML&J Christmas 2015

We were able to help 372 children this year!

158 families of which 58 were new!

How were we able to serve so many children?

5 Churches, 7 Schools, 12 Individuals and 7 Businesses and groups took families, 7 Fire Departments each took a family from their district, and 16 people shopped with ML&J funds.