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E-Letter #157

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In rummaging through a desk drawer, I came across an old file containing a yellowed copy of my senior sermon. I wrote it 25 years ago, and under the bright red A+ my professor, mentor, and dear friend scribbled this note, “You do not yet know what you do not know, and that is a blessing!” I hardly understood his cryptic words, but the grade…oh yes! The sermon was on the story of Jesus’ transfiguration as told by the evangelist Mark, 9:2-29.  In it, I tell the story of the overly-confident student who approaches a renowned teacher asking to study under him.  The teacher hands the headstrong...

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E-Letter #156

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  It’s a part of my morning routine – making coffee, emptying the dishwasher, doing a load of laundry, making breakfast for my husband, filling the multitude of birdfeeders dotting the backyard. I love routine; it grounds me; it settles me; it provides the space and time for my brain and body to wake up. But lately, my brain, like a hamster wheel, has been running on overdrive, and I wake up overwhelmed by the sensation of an overfilled dance card. This morning I dawdle, and by the time I juggle containers of sunflower seed and millet into the backyard, rays of dawn are wrestling with...

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E-Letter #155

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  Friday is Valentine’s Day, and if the ice melts, our children will be back in the classroom exchanging cards with their classmates, eating strawberry cupcakes with vanilla frosting and red and pink sprinkles, and pocketing for later those little heart-shaped candies made by the Necco Company and stamped with cryptic messages, “Be Mine”, “ I Love You”, and I’m Yours”. Last Sunday we played a little Valentine’s Day Trivial Pursuit in our Sunday School assembly and learned that while it may be easy to fall head-over-heels in love with someone, in the end it can cost you your head! Legend...

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