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E-Letter #153

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I sat hunched over the steering wheel anxiously scanning the gray sky, nervously drumming my fingers on the half-empty coffee cup perched in the console cupholder, and listening to Christmas carols booming from the radio “miraculously” playing an iPod playlist. Two of us, pastor and parishioner, were sitting in stalled traffic, the umpteenth car in a long line of exhaust-puffing cars waiting, no…daring the traffic light to change and allow us impatient commuters to move forward. We were caught in a nautilus of traffic winding our way through the slush-covered streets of a downtown...

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E-Letter #151

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We Presbyterians cling to and are strengthened by an understanding of the communion of saints that stretches across all boundaries, including the boundary of time.  This communion becomes more real, more precious to us whenever someone beloved joins the eternal communion of saints seated around the Table in the Kingdom of Heaven.  At such times, feelings are deeper than words, and yet, our human frailty draws us to the w/Word. This morning, our beloved poetess, Lucy Harvey, shares her sentiments with us in a touching poem about our “little white church in the vale.”     “There is a...

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E-Letter #150

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On February 23, 2008, Betty Brady shared this testimony with us, her reflections of Jeremiah 29:10-14:   These verses are part of the letter Jeremiah is writing to his people in Babylon who are in exile.  He is an unpopular prophet.  He tells his people things they do not want to hear.  They had rather listen to the prophets who tell them good news.  Jeremiah does not waver in his faith.  He is speaking for God.  Jeremiah is offering hope to a defeated and dislocated people.   I especially like these verses because no matter good or bad happenings, God has a plan for me, my family,...

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