E-Letter #150

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On February 23, 2008, Betty Brady shared this testimony with us, her reflections of Jeremiah 29:10-14:


These verses are part of the letter Jeremiah is writing to his people in Babylon who are in exile.  He is an unpopular prophet.  He tells his people things they do not want to hear.  They had rather listen to the prophets who tell them good news.  Jeremiah does not waver in his faith.  He is speaking for God.  Jeremiah is offering hope to a defeated and dislocated people.


I especially like these verses because no matter good or bad happenings, God has a plan for me, my family, and my friends.  I received a thank you note from a tennis friend who had lost her sister to Muscualr Dystrophy.  My tennis team made a donation to the Muscular Distrophy Assoc. in her memory.  I am sharing my note.  I could not begin to express such faith as she did in this note.

“Your donation to the Muscular Dystophy Assoc. in memory of my sister is a true testimony that good can come out of the most tragic circumstances.  My faith in the Lord helps me to know that she is now free of the pain and struggle she went through, but my heart also aches terribly, as I will miss her so in the days to come.  My sister had a strength and determination in her that only our Father in Heaven could have provided.  I was constantly humbled and in awe of her fortitude during the many procedures and complications she endured.  I thank God every day that He placed me in San Antonio to be with her when she passed into His comforting arms.  We can never understand the Why’s at times like these, but I do know that through my sister many people have been touched and a purpose fulfilled by God.”

I keep this note in my Bible in Jeremiah 29.  It is such an uplifting testimony of faith in the face of adversity and sorrow.


Almighty God who gives us directions and life, we thank Thee for Thy great plan.  Help us to live our life worthy of Your love, grace, and mercy.  Amen.